What I do


I can proofread your assignment, dissertation or thesis and check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. I will make sure that the authors you’ve cited in the body of your work have been included in your list of references or bibliography. I can also format your work according to your department’s specifications regarding layout. I can’t edit your work but I will let you know if something doesn’t quite make sense.

If you’re an international student, I understand that writing your first essay can be very stressful. Don’t worry. I am very gentle!

Whether you’re an international student or a native-English speaker, contact me and we can discuss how I can help.

Researchers and academics 

I can proofread and copy-edit your research documents and journal articles. If English is not your first language, I can help give you confidence that you are presenting your ideas credibly. Proofreading this kind of paper can often involve a collaborative process with the author(s), which I greatly enjoy.


I can proofread your emails, marketing material, reports and PowerPoint presentations so that you can be confident about your English. I can also check website and mobile app content. If English is not your first language, I can check that you are not relying on “false friends” in your text. Your international customers will have confidence in you and your products or services.

Whether you have a few emails or have translated your 10-page website into English, contact me and we can discuss what you need.


One more thing. If you know any film-makers, I would love a job checking English subtitles on movies!