As Editor-in-Chief of a scientific medical journal, I frequently use the proofreading services provided by Liz. She offers expert language-polishing and a sound understanding of what has been written. She gives the editor just what he needs: the suggestions and space to make his own choice of words and expressions and the perfect collaboration for the benefit of the reader.

Dr Ben Zylicz
Advances in Palliative Medicine

I’m really very happy with your work. It was excellent! You not only understand broken English, you also understand medical issues. I wish you great success. I’ll recommend your work to all my friends!

Dr Maria Kłopocka
Internal Medicine Specialist and Gastroenterologist
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz

As an international student, the most difficult part of my study sometimes is not having amazing ideas but knowing how to express my ideas in a correct and accurate way. Although I have learnt English for more than ten years, it is hardly possible for me to make my theses like a native speaker’s work just by myself. But with Liz’s careful and effective copy-editing and proofreading, as my supervisor commented, my dissertation became excellent. Liz is a very kind and easygoing person. Her comments and suggestions are really helpful. I appreciate her nice work and would like to recommend her to my friends and classmates.

Yu Tao
MPhil student